GVH original building

A Little Bit of History…

The Guilford Veterinary Hospital was begun in August of 1953 in a small home on Norton Avenue by Dr. Willard Daniels. Dr. Daniels grew up on a dairy farm in Middletown, CT and he treated mainly large animals on the farms in and around Guilford with an occasional small animal treated in his garage. He built a hospital on the current site of the Guilford Veterinary Hospital on Saw Mill Road in 1955 and continued to practice on both farm animals and small animals until 1965 when he moved to the University of Connecticut at Storrs to accept a position as Extension Veterinarian and Professor of Pathobiology.

Dr. David Anderson joined the hospital in 1962 and became an owner in 1965. Dr. Ralph Schoemann joined the practice in 1965 but left shortly thereafter to serve a tour of duty with the Veterinary Corps of the United States Army. He returned to practice veterinary medicine in Guilford and became a partner in the practice in 1969. The hospital was enlarged and remodeled in 1973 (see photo above), at which time it became primarily a small animal hospital. The Branford Veterinary Hospital was purchased from Dr. Phillip Gerlach in 1976 and it served as a GVH satellite until 1990 when it was sold to Dr. Robert Schaper who had been working as an associate veterinarian at GVH at the time.

Over the years, the practice continued to grow and thrive thanks to the hard work and dedication of the veterinarians that have passed through the doors either temporarily or remained on as partners or long-term associates. Currently, there are 8 veterinarians at GVH. Dr. Donald Mullen joined the practice in 1979 and became a partner in 1984. Dr. Deborah Ackles joined the practice in 1987 and became a partner in 1989. Dr. Anthony DellaMonica and Dr. Anita Soucy joined the practice in 1994. Dr. Morna Pixton joined in 1998. In 2007 Dr. Ralph Schoemann retired from the practice and Drs. DellaMonica, Soucy and Pixton became partners. Dr. Kirsten Nordt joined the practice in 2006. Dr. Chelsea Anderson and Dr. Christina DeAngelo joined the practice in 2014.

Our current GVH doctors are a diverse group of individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds who have trained all over North America and who work together in the true spirit of a group practice sharing their knowledge and skills to the benefit of each and every patient.

Dr. Mullen, University of Pennsylvania (1979)
Dr. Ackles, Tufts University (1987)
Dr. DellaMonica, Tufts University (1993)
Dr. Soucy, Kansas State University (1992)
Dr. Pixton, Cornell University (1998)
Dr. Nordt, Oregon State University (2006)
Dr. Anderson, Cornell University (2014)
Dr. DeAngelo,Tufts University (2014)

Although the doctors and staff represent the face of GVH, the facility and organization of the practice has undergone many changes and enhancements over the years as well. In 1983 the hospital joined the computer age bringing in its very first computer, a victor 9000. It was primarily used to keep track of vaccine reminders. Today, the hospital supports 35 computers with 2 servers and we utilize the computer technology to provide digital radiography (x-rays) for our patients. Our computers are utilized in every aspect of the practice including inventory, payroll, accessing the latest medical data on the internet, and keeping electronic medical records.


It has always been a goal at GVH to provide the highest quality of medicine and care possible to our patients. In the early 1990's we worked to achieve accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). This organization sets standards for companion animal practices that are above and beyond state and federal standards. They include the physical plant, the operation of the practice, the procedures offered, the level and quality of the care provided and the continuing education of the doctors and staff of the hospital. This goal was reached in 1993 when we qualified for the highest level of accreditation and have maintained that level ever since.

Our desire to provide the highest level of care to our patients has led to continued growth of the practice. As such, we realized a need for more space to provide equipment and skilled staff for delivering that high quality medicine. After much planning and discussion, the construction of two large additions and a total redesign and remodeling was begun in 2005. Our current hospital was completed in 2006.

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