About Guilford Veterinary Hospital

We at the Guilford Veterinary Hospital have always prided ourselves in providing our patients with the most current medicine and cutting edge technology available to ensure accurate and timely diagnoses. Our seven doctors, who have studied at six different veterinary schools, have a combined total of over a hundred years of experience. The doctors and technicians participate in scheduled rounds daily. During rounds each of the hospitalized patients and other complex cases are discussed in detail and often brainstorming occurs allowing each patient to have multiple doctors involved in its care.

Our doctors are assisted by a large caring support staff as well as the tools needed to gather information needed to provide the best personalized health care for each pet. We offer digital xray technology, ultrasonography, endoscopy and dental xray. We have a fully functional in house laboratory which is frequently updated. In addition, we utilize two outside laboratories on a daily basis. This provides us with a turnaround time of less than 24 hours on most diagnostic tests. We feel that an investment in technology is an investment in your pet’s health.

Our surgical suite rivals that of many human hospitals. Surgery and anesthesia are always treated with the utmost respect in our practice. Our anesthetized patients are very closely monitored using continuous ECG, blood pressure and respiratory monitors as well as pulse oximetry. Anesthesia protocols are individualized for each patient to ensure the utmost safety.

The cornerstone of our practice is preventative health care. Our patients benefit from the collaboration between their owners and our professional team. We work hard to educate our clients in the best vaccination protocols based on their pet’s lifestyle. We also discuss life stage issues, nutrition, weight management, dental care, grooming, parasite control, behavioral problems and much more.

To ensure that we maintain the highest standards in veterinary practice, we have voluntarily adopted the standards of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). We are committed to maintaining these high standards and undergo regular assessments and inspections to earn our AAHA certification. We believe that we owe this to our patients and our clients.